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Archer ® hops feedback

Archer ® hops feedback

Using Archer and Flyer hops from CharlesFaram and they are ace! Subtle peach and citrus aroma with a refreshing finish!

– Spartan Brewery

With our new pilsner, Acapella, we wanted to make something that showed off how well the pilsner style can showcase hops. First Gold adds orange pith and resin, while the Archer adds a floral note

– Yonder Brewing

We do use fruity hops – but in moderation and we rarely dry hop. One of our favourites is Archer, which has a slight peachy flavour, but it’s not overpowering and, balanced with other hops, is wonderful.

– Beerblefish Brewing Co

The yeast is Wyeast Farmhouse Ale yeast. Been a few years since I’ve brewed one. I used Archer hops and it gave a wonderful orangey peach character.

– Decent Days and Pints

Archer, Charles Faram's own hop variety. The picture provides the main characteristics

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We’ve been hop suppliers for over 150 years, so we’ve got a lot of hop history.  Charles Faram Hop Merchants and Factors has one of the largest range of hop varieties available from stock in both vacuum packed leaf hops and Type 90 (T90) pellets. 

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