Brewing Aids

What’s great about this partnership?

You are fully entitled to any of the technical back up and support that Murphy and Son offer with their product range.

* items marked with an asterisk are despatched as Hazardous Freight – please call for delivery rates

Murphy’s 25 litre containers – a deposit of £4.50 per container is included in the price which is fully-refundable if returned within 1 year in clean re-useable condition

AB Vickers – no container deposit charged

ProductPack sizeStatusData sheetsSupplier
*Alginex1 litreNon-stock itemPdf logo
Cellabrite25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Finings Adjunct25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Finings Adjunct12.5 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Finings Adjunct 200 Ltr Container200 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Superkleer2.4kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Allkleer A (RFU)25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Allkleer A (RFU)12.5 litresStock itemPdf logo
RFU Isinglass Finings CBF25 litresStock item 
RFU Isinglass Finings CBF1000 litresNon-stock item 
Allkleer C (Triple strength)25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Allkleer C (Triple strength)12.5 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Triple Strength Isinglass Finings OCF 21125 litresStock item 
Auxiliary Finings SAF 22125 litresStock item 
Auxiliary Finings SAF 2211000 litresNon-stock item 
Cask Clean30 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Caskleer A25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Caskleer C25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Caskleer Paste14 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Caskleer Paste2.5 kgStock itemPdf logo
Kompactikleer 230 A25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Kompactikleer 230 C25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Magicol 250 AC Isinglass Powder1 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Magicol 250 AS Isinglass Powder1 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Magicol 250AS20 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Cryofine 15110x100gNon-stock item 
Cryofine1kgNon-stock item 
Vickfine 1611kgNon-stock item 
Tankleer Paste14 kgNon-stock item 
Kopperkleer Granules2 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Kopperkleer Powder10 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Kopperkleer Tablets2 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Compac CG (CCT311) Tablets2kgStock item 
Compac CCG (CCT311)Granules2kgStock item 
Protafloc Granules20 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Protafloc Granules2 kgStock itemPdf logo
Protafloc Tablets25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Protafloc Tablets2 kgStock itemPdf logo
Super F Tank Finings25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Super F Tank Finings5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Brewing Sugar No 125 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Glucose Syrup 61%25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Glucose Syrup Low Colour 60/8025 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Lactose Monoh (Sugar/Powder)25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Positive Caramel10 kgNon-stock item 
Positive Caramel25 kgNon-stock item 
Glucanase25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
NDB3 100TU5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Trizyme5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Brewery Hygiene    
*70Tw Caustic Solution 32%25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Addhol 1030 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Antiformin S25 litresStock itemPdf logo
Anti-fungal Mould Remover25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Antiscale Drypack5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Causdeta 2530 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Caustic Soda Pearl Granules25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
China Clay25 kgNon-stock item 
*Cleaner Steriliser (HolChlor)25 kgStock item 
*EDSOL 30 Solution25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
*EDSOL Powder25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Holchem Chlordet30 kgNon-stock item 
Holphos Detergent30 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Holquat25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Hydrogen Peroxide30 kgNon-stock item 
Iodine250 mlNon-stock item 
Keg Bright25 litresNon-stock item 
*NIPAC B30 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*NIPAC GEL30 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Peracetic Acid 5%30 kgStock itemPdf logo
*Sequestrant Additive25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Sodium Hypochlorite25 litresNon-stock item 
*Stericleanse No 125 litresStock itemPdf logo
Clarex5 kgNon-stock item 
Clarity1 kgNon-stock item 
Daraclar 92025 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Polyclar Plus 73010 kgNon-stock item 
Polyclar1020 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Antifoam5 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Antifoam FD25 litresNon-stock item 
Foam Head Stabiliser1 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
PGA Powder1 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
PGA Solution 2%25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Liquor Treatment    
AMS Liquor Treatment25 litresStock itemPdf logo
AMS Liquor Treatment200 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Bruwell A10 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Bruwell B10 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Bruwell SC10 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Calcium Carbonate (Chalk)25 kgNon-stock item 
Calcium Chloride Flake25 kgStock itemPdf logo
Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum)25 kgStock itemPdf logo
Citric Acid250gNon-stock item 
DWB 165 Liquor Treatment20 kgStock itemPdf logo
De-ionised Water25 litresStock item 
Dionic AT125 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Dionic HT2 ACO25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Lactic Acid25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Lactic Acid240 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Phosphoric acid 75%16 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Phosphoric acid 75%5 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Sodium Bicarbonate25 kgNon-stock item 
Sodium Carbonate25 kgNon-stock item 
Sodium Chloride PDV Salt25 kgNon-stock item 
Sodium Chloride PDV Salt Tablets25 kgNon-stock item 
*Sulphuric acid 25%25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
Yeast Nutrients, Processing Aids & Preservatives    
*Ammonium Sulphate25 kgNon-stock item 
Magnesium Sulphate25 kgNon-stock item 
*Potassium Chloride BP Salt25 kgNon-stock item 
Ascorbic Acid2.5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Metabisulphate Tablets5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Salicon Liquid 20%25 litresNon-stock item 
Sodium Metabisulaphate25 kgNon-stock item 
*Ammonium Tetraformate25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Nutromix Tablets2 kgStock itemPdf logo
Nutromix Tablets25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Servomycese10kgNon-stock item 
Servomycese10gNon-stock item 
Vickfine 1611kgNon-stock item 
Yeast Aid25 litresNon-stock item 
Yeast Aid5 litresStock item 
Yeast-Vit-TCB5 kgStock itemPdf logo
Yeast-Vit-TCB25 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Yeastlife Extra sachet2kgStock item 
Zetolite 63250 gNon-stock itemPdf logo
Zetolite 65250 gNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Zinc Sulphate25 litresNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Zinc Sulphate2.5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
*Zinc Sulphate5 kgNon-stock itemPdf logo
Laboratory and other equipment    
Alkalinity (Palin) Test KiteaNon-stock item 
Alkalinity Test TabletseaNon-stock item 
ATP Test Swabs100Non-stock item 
Copper Finings Test KiteaNon-stock item 
HaemocytometereaNon-stock item 
Methylen Blue (250ml bottle)250 mlNon-stock item 
x40 Microscope KiteaNon-stock item 
PH4 Buffer1 litreNon-stock item 
PH4 Buffer250 mlNon-stock item 
PH7 Buffer1 litreNon-stock item 
PH7 Buffer250 mlNon-stock item 
16m Heavy Duty RopeeaNon-stock item 
24m Heavy Duty RopeeaNon-stock item 
Polypin 3 LitreeaNon-stock item 
Carry Jug 4 PinteaNon-stock item 
500ml Graduated Measuring CylindereaNon-stock item 
Barrel Carbine HookeaNon-stock item 
Barrel sling with 2 hookseaNon-stock item 
Barrel truckeaNon-stock item 
Cellar Pad 1000x1000mmeaNon-stock item 
Cellar Thermometer (plastic, wall mounted)eaNon-stock item 
ChiseleaNon-stock item 
Cork Filled Drop Bag (large)eaNon-stock item 
Cork Pad (Large)eaNon-stock item 
Cork Pad (Small)eaNon-stock item 
Cork Pad CovereaNon-stock item 
Deshiver ForkeaNon-stock item 
Deshiver HammereaNon-stock item 
Digital Thermometer (with 1m probe)eaNon-stock item 
Dipstick for barrels on their sideeaNon-stock item 
Dray Pad (Small) 7.2kgeaNon-stock item 
Hammer – Rubber head (large)eaNon-stock item 
Hammer – Rubber head (medium)eaNon-stock item 
HydrometereaNon-stock item 
Hydrometer Jar (51mm diameter)eaNon-stock item 
Hydrometer Jar (63mm diameter)eaNon-stock item 
Keystone DrivereaNon-stock item 
Mash PaddleeaNon-stock item 
Mash ShoveleaNon-stock item 
Moleskin Apron (Brown)eaNon-stock item 
Nylon HammereaNon-stock item 
Open Hook Standard Duty 200kg SWLeaNon-stock item 
Open Hook Heavy Duty 500kg SWLeaNon-stock item 
PH MetereaNon-stock item 
PH Tape 1-14eaNon-stock item 
Pasteur Perpets10Non-stock item 
Pipette 1mleaNon-stock item 
Pipette FillereaNon-stock item 
Plateless Barrel Truck – puncture-proof tyreeaNon-stock item 
Poly Pin 10 LtrseaNon-stock item 
Poly Pin 20 LtrseaNon-stock item 
Poly Pin 5 LtrseaNon-stock item 
Round Back Barrel Truck – pneumatic tyreeaNon-stock item 
Rubber AproneaNon-stock item 
Rubber Cellar GlovepairNon-stock item 
Sacchrometer Jar – PlasticeaNon-stock item 
Scouring Pads No 9660Non-stock item 
Spirit ThermometerseaNon-stock item 
Wooden Cask TapseaNon-stock item 
Wooden Keystones1000Non-stock item 
Wooden Shive1000Non-stock item