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Hop alpha from HopAlpha®

For Bittering

  • CO² Extracts
  • Isomerised Alpha Acids

The HopAlpha® range provides easy to add, standardised bittering extracts as you would for hop alpha from hop pellets. A range of bitterness intensities and flavour profiles can be used for kettle and post fermentation additions. Benefits of the range include light stable bittering and also foam head retention. Accordingly you can dose the bitterness of your beer with greater accuracy.

We keep a small stock of a number of items, although most will be shipped from the UK.  Please contact the office for availability.


HopAlpha® IKE
HopAlpha® RHO 30%
HopAlpha® TETRA 9%
HopAlpha® ISO 30%

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HopInspiration® is comprised of products for bitterness addition, late hop flavour and dry hop aroma. Further natural hop extracts have also been used to create the HopPlus® range, offering unique, balanced flavours for specialty beers.

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