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Natural fruit and botanical character from HopPlus®

For flavour and aroma

For natural extracts

  • Hop extracts blended with natural flavour extracts
Totally Natural Solutions Ltd expertly blend hop oil extracts and carefully selected natural ingredients from the Natural Sensations range to provide brewers with a consistent route to a quality seasonal and speciality beer. HopPlus® offers the addition of fruit , botanical and speciality flavours and aromas to finished beers without the need to handle raw materials.

We keep a small stock of a number of items, although most will be shipped from the UK.  Please contact the office for availability.

15ml $16.95
1L $187.00

As with all TNS products trials in your beer are recommended.

  • HopPlus® Prose – delicate fragrances of fresh cut flowers and rose petals give an aroma of sweet summer
  • HopPlus® Rubus – hop fractions blended with natural fruits to give a warm red berry depth
  • HopPlus® Autumn Berry – hints of blueberry skillfully blended with hop to create a unique flavour of autumn
  • HopPlus® Orange Candy – tangy orange freshness with spicy undertone
  • HopPlus® Florentine – orange blossom provides a subtle floral note suited for lighter beers and lagers
  • HopPlus® Cilantro – green herby notes blended with hop to give a fresh taste
  • HopPlus® Sour-Kraut – a bit of fun! Something different blending German hop flavour with sour fruits
  • HopPlus® Weissbier – a blend of hop and natural extracts combined to provide a classic wheat beer style!
  • HopPlus® Elder Statesman – a fresh blast of floral notes and summer scented blossoms
  • HopPlus® Tahiti– lime blended with hop fractions to give the perfect flavour for summer

Low alcohol beer

TNS offers specific hop product formulations designed to work with low alcohol applications. The products here can mask off notes and then allow natural hop flavour to be added in

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HopInspiration® is comprised of products for bitterness addition, late hop flavour and dry hop aroma. Further natural hop extracts have also been used to create the HopPlus® range, offering unique, balanced flavours for specialty beers.

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