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Multi hop with HopSensation®

For Multi-hopping

  • Blended Hop Oils
  • Late Hop Fractions

HopSensation® is fully light stable and added post fermentation to give flavour and aroma to your beer.

We keep a small stock of a number of items, although most will be shipped from the UK.  Please contact the office for availability.

15ml $16.95
1L $187.00

HopSensationt® Description
HopSensation® Deep Sea
Unique blend of mega hops gives you a serious hop intensity typical of a US pale ale
HopSensation® Dynamite
Mix of new and old world hops certain to blow your mind. Fruity and herbal note explosion
HopSensation® Midnight Blush
Accentuates floral notes and provides a light scented rose petal aroma
HopSensation® Pear-Fect 10
With pear notes this provides an interesting sweet fruits aroma and flavour
HopSensation® Invicta
Combining the finest English hops with subtle fruity notes for the perfect golden ale
HopSensation® Sunburst
Citrus in nature, Sunburst offers a refreshing hoppy balance suited to most beer styles
HopSensation® Tropical
It's tropical

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HopInspiration® is comprised of products for bitterness addition, late hop flavour and dry hop aroma. Further natural hop extracts have also been used to create the HopPlus® range, offering unique, balanced flavours for specialty beers.

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