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HopShot® will add individual late hop character and flavour to your beer, offering a broad spectrum of natural hop flavour such as spicy, floral, herbal, citrus and fruity, and replacing late hop or whirlpool additions of hop cones or pellets. These hop oil fractions enable addition of specific hop flavours and characteristics, post fermentation whilst reducing variation and the need to remove spent hop matter.

We keep a small stock of a number of items, although most will be shipped from the UK.  Please contact the office for availability.

15ml $16.95
1L $187.00

HopShot® Description
HopShot® Ale
Add a traditional, subtle hint of spicy and floral notes to your beer
HopShot® Citrus
Provides a strong citrus, grapefruit note and enhances the floral taste
HopShot® Floral
This fraction will enhance the ‘fresh’ hop, tropical fruit and soft fruit flavours
whilst providing a floral note
HopShot® Herbal
Contributes a ‘green’ note to beer and enhances the fruity and fresh hop
flavours whilst reducing the cereal and sulphury character
HopShot® IPA
Gives an IPA hopped beer a serious boost
HopShot® Lager
Hop fractions combined to give flavour to this often maligned beer style
HopShot® Pilsner
Clean, crisp and refreshing!
HopShot® Spicy
Significantly enhances the ‘spicy’, grassy and woody aromas adding
body and mouthfeel
HopShot® Sylvan
Particularly useful for suppressing off notes and boosting flavour whilst
enhancing woody and spicy notes

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HopInspiration® is comprised of products for bitterness addition, late hop flavour and dry hop aroma. Further natural hop extracts have also been used to create the HopPlus® range, offering unique, balanced flavours for specialty beers.

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