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Mauribrew Yeast

Mauribrew Yeast

Produced by the global fermentation specialists at AB Biotek, Mauribrew provides an economical option for many straightforward styles. As a dry yeast product, they offer a high level of simplicity, consistency, and ease of use which brewers have grown to rely on. Designed with versatility in mind, careful manipulation of fermentation processes can broaden their range of applicability.

Dry Yeast Product Description Price/500g pack

Mauribrew LAGER 497 produces excellent classic Lager characteristics especially when fermented at I 2°C/53° F. Best results are achieved with extended lagering period for flavour and aroma development. It is the perfect choice for Lager, Bock, Doppelbock and Baltic Porter. At 20°C/68° F, Mauribrew LAGER 497 enhances fruity-floral character of an Ale, with a clean Lager like profile: it makes lovely "California Ale" and German style pale/amber beers.