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A photo of the Charles Faram teams across the UK, USA and Canada

Meet the team

Meet the team

The Canada team provides all of the knowledge and capability as for a seamless transaction. From purely placing an order to technical advice that you may need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Ben Adams

General Manager

Team member since 2014

Ben is also the go-to for technical advice. Ask him anything. He knows it all!

Starting off at Hereford Brewery in the UK, Ben moved on to become an award-winning brewer at Wye Valley Brewery in Herefordshire.

He made the move from Charles Faram UK to Charles Faram in Canada in June 2019.

Martin Jordan

Customer Service Manager

Martin has been involved in the food and beverage industry for over 40 years.  Working his way up from the “Buttery” to the high-end restaurant “Vintages” in a top Toronto hotel.  This was just the start of an interest in and appreciation of high-quality food, wine and beer.   

Martin spent ten years retailing ingredients and equipment to consumers making quality fermented beverages at home, giving the best advice for customer and business success. 

That brought Martin to an agency representing every kind of alcoholic beverage to the LCBO in the name of producers wanting to sell their products in Ontario.  He looked after the agencies rare and fine beverage portfolio.

Martin continues to learn worldly tastes by accessing authentic ingredients available through the many multi-cultural culinary food outlets in Toronto.  As an avid home-brewer for 30 years, he’s got that aspect covered too.     

Now being part of the growing Charles Faram team in Toronto, the passion continues.  Working with brewers and breweries across Canada makes it a pleasure to get up in the morning.

Derek Osborne

Customer Service representative

Derek describes his role as it being his job  to match customers with the best possible products to meet their brewing needs


He originates from Toronto and previous work experience includes work in sales for Pepsi Canada.

His love for hops, brewing and beer makes him perfect for his role.  He loves meeting people who are just getting started brewing. Whether they’re new to the industry or and experienced person starting their own brewery, it’s always exciting to meet people who are passionate about the work they’re doing.

Basketball and reading are his main activities outside of work.

He did admit to one of his most embarrassing moments which is when he once mistook one client of our for another at a trade show and talked to him about his company for about 30 minutes until he gently told him who he really was. #Awkward

Shannon McCandlish

Controller & Admin Manager

Shannon describes her job as putting the money in the bank, taking the money out of the bank and some other stuff.  We all know that there’s a lot more to it than that.  

If she could write her own job description it would be ‘Mother’.

She has had previous Controller and Managerial roles for the last 22 years and has a Masters in Business Administration.

The values that drive her are a strong work ethic, honesty and kindness.

When shannon is not working she likes cooking/baking, pup wrestling, hanging with friends, playing board games, drinking and exploring wine, and napping.

She is a native Oregonian, close to her other siblings, and an antique collector/hoarder.  We imagine it’s more hoarder.


Her favorite beer is Breakside Pilsner and her favorite hops are Citra and Cascade.

Group Technical Director 

Based in the UK, Will Rogers is in charge of technical improvements across the business and he has a skill set that is perfectly matched to achieve this.

He manages hop purchasing across the group, the Hop Development Programme worldwide, and advises growers regarding their obligation to meet our standards and legal obligations.

Photo of Will Rogers, Technical Director

Get in touch with the team

Feel free to give your Sales Manager a call or contact the office if you would like to talk through anything to do with products to contracting.  They’ll be happy to go through an expired hop contract, contract request, and usages.  Technical Advisors are ready to get involved in recipe development and help with advice.