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Phil Douglas
Black Sheep Brewery


What’s your favourite hop?

Citra certainly takes some beating

What’s your favourite beer?

Currently Thornbridge Jaipur – nectar. An old favourite was Ind Coope DBA – one hell of an ale!

Favourite food & beer pairing

Beer and cheese. A cheese platter and a range of beers – great way to forget an afternoon!

What’s the one item in the brewery you couldn’t live without?

Yorkshire squares. I love showing them to people and watching their faces as they rouse and the yeast rises.

What got you into brewing?

Pure chance. I signed up to a degree in Nottingham that I had no idea was a sandwich course. After spending a summer on a remote farm in Northumberland (not good for a young lad from Birmingham!), they took pity on me and sent me to Hardy & Hansons Brewery in Kimberley. Was hooked from the start!

Favourite beer festival?

Nottingham. Held at the castle so you couldn’t get a better location.

Favourite interest outside of brewing?

Strangely enjoy growing vegetables. Would never waste time on a flower, but a courgette…

What’s the last beer you brewed?

Chocolate Orange Stout

Fuggles or Goldings?

Can’t choose, they are both superb in different ways

phil douglas