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Robbie and the new type of concentrated hop product

It’s been a really exciting brewday today on the pilot plant.

We’ve been working away behind the scenes  on a new type of concentrated hop product and we now have some material to play with, produced from our beloved Jester®

Photo of Robbie Harrigan

I’m brewing a simple, clean light ale hopped with Goldings. We will split it into two beers, one will be dry hopped with conventional T90 pellets, the other with the potential new product. Watch this space!

3rd October

Kegged today, dry hops are in, now a little wait before a blind tasting/sampling to see the outcome!

22nd October

After conditioning we tried the beer. Being so new we only had a tiny quantity of the product, and as such the dosage rate was very low. Unfortunately this didn’t give a particularly impactful flavour & aroma profile. More material is already being made so we’ll try again!