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Roasted Barley

Astringent, bitter, burnt taste, with coffee and nutty flavours.

Black Malt

Identical in flavour with high end chocolate malt, but higher in colour.

Cara Malt

Sweet, nutty, biscuit-like taste with toffee aroma.

Chocolate Malt Light

More bitter, honey-like accents than caramalt, with coffee, coco- like tones.

Chocolate Malt

Bitter coco-like accents with coffee undertones.

Crystal Malt Light

Drum-roasted caramel malt brings balance to beer profile, fullness and ruby hues in color.

Crystal Malt Medium

Less sweet than light crystal, with stronger roasted taste.

Crystal Malt Dark

For stronger roasted rounded bittering taste, and deeper colour.

Maris Otter

Pauls Maris Otter, the classic British variety of barley used in the most famous ales of the UK.

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About Us

Charles Faram has been established as merchants of hops and hop products for over 150 years. The company, which was originally based in Worcester, now resides in the small hamlet of Newland, situated at the foot of the picturesque Malvern Hills.

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