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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 19-20%, Humulene: 8-9%, Farnesene: Trace

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity


Olicana® is a registered trade mark of Charles Faram & Co Limited and is from the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme.

Use in brewing

Dual Purpose




A sister of Jester®, Olicana® is more leafy, taller and vigorous.

This variety was planted in 2009 in Herefordshire/Worcestershire and released commercially in 2014.

It was not originally selected as it was Powdery Mildew susceptible like Challenger, however Olicana® is more tolerant.

The hop was trialled by Mark Andrews of Townend Farm, Herefordshire and is now commercially grown by  Townend Farm and Stocks Farm, Worcestershire.


Olicana® was found to be best in its class and highly resistant to Wilt.
It shoots very late with thin cuttings and can restrict propagation.

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