Increases sweetness and fermentability. Check out which sugar is best for you, glucose, lactose and caramel.  Brewlength extenders and adjuncts from Murphy & Son.

Benefits of Brewhouse extenders: Adds Flavour, Can add colour, Primings, High Gravity Brewing

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Glucose Syrup 61%
GLUCOSE SYRUP 61 (731) is a non-GMO purified,
caramel with a colour of 25-55 °EBC which can be
used as a priming sugar or brewlength extender

Glucose Syrup Low Colour 60/80
A syrup which is ideal for using as a brewlength
extender (92% fermentable)which has a low colour intensity.

Lactose Monoh (sugar/Powder)
a non fermentable sweetener which is used in finished
beer to give a faintly milky sweetness to stouts and
dark beers.

Positive Caramel
A dark brown liquid obtained by controlled heat
treatment of sugars (saccharose or glucose) using
certain additives (ammonium hyrdroxide). Caramels are
used to provide colour in beer, cider and non-alcoholic
malted beverages.

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