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Canadian Team

Canadian Team

The Canadian team provides all of the knowledge and capability for a seamless order. From purely placing an order to technical advice that you may need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

They also work closely with breweries on collaborations and recipe suggestions..

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Meet the Canadian team

Meet the Canadian team

We’re here to help.

Photo of Rebecca Pellett

Rebecca Pellett

General Manager

Team member since June 2021.

Rebecca was born and raised in Bradford, Ontario. She later moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario for university and then landed in beautiful Muskoka where she has lived for 16 years. She has also spent extended periods of time living in Huaraz, Peru and travelling throughout South America.

Before moving to Charles Faram she previously worked at Muskoka Brewery as the Raw Materials Purchasing Manager. Rebecca has over 7 years experience working intimately in brewing materials procurement and many more years participating in market research of the finished product!

Rebecca began working in Sales/Customer Service for a large regional brewery and then moved into a procurement role. From there she felt it was a natural progression to move into a supplier sales role. 

Her favourite part of the General Manager role is the people she gets to work with everyday (both staff and customers). The brewing industry is one of the most diverse and enjoyable industries I’ve worked in.

Rebecca loves spending time with her family, and spending as much time as she can outdoors. You can regularly find them out hiking, paddling, snowhoeing, camping, climbing and playing or watching football (soccer). She also enjoys homebrewing both beer and kombucha.

Tel: + 1 647-523-5352

Photo of Shayn Sawchuck

Shayn Sawchuk

Technical Sales Advisor

Team member since October 2020.

Shayn is from Toronto, Ontario. 

Prior to joining Charles Faram, he spent almost four years brewing for large regional breweries. He also spent two years selling beer for an Ontario microbrewery. He has a Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma from Niagara College.

Before applying for brewing college he was the General Manager of a gastropub, with a heavy focus on beer. The folks selling me beer seemed to be having way more fun than I was, so I took my cue!

The thing Shayn enjoys most about his job is that he gets to talk to brewers about brewing all day – what more could you ask for!

Tel: +1 647 523 4612

Photo of Derek Osborne

Derek Osborne

Sales Co-Ordinator

Team member since February 2018.

Derek is from Toronto. 

He has four years experience selling hops to customers across Canada, and a Bachelors of business management. His areas of expertise are customer service and logistics. 

The favourite part of his role is meeting customers. He says it’s always interesting to see creative peoples work.

In his spare time he enjoys reading. 

Derek says his most embarrassing industry moment was once sending a package destined for Paris, Ontario all the way to France.

Photo of Brian Jennings

Brian Jennings

Warehouse & Customer Service Lead

Team member since 2018

Photo of Mike

Mike Gilmurray

Accountant & Office Co-Ordinator

Team member since 2021