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Organic malt

Organic malt

You can download the batch analysis of any Weyermann® malt by scanning the analysis code on Weyermann® bags.  For instructions on how to do this, please click here.  Links to QR readers can be found at the bottom of this Weyermann speciality malt page

Upon request Weyermann® are able to custom produce any of their malts from 100% organically certified raw materials, processed in accordance with all applicable organic standards.

Prices and availability on application.

Certified by Kiwa BCS Öko Garantia DE ÖKO-001

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Malt FAQs from Weyermann®

Batch analysis of Weyermann® organic malt

The “I-nigma” barcode reader is a free smartphone application which works very well to download the batch malt analysis by scanning the analysis code from Weyermann® bags.

In some operation systems the analysis pdf is stored in the “download” folder.
For I-OS: “IBooks” can be used to store the analysis.
The analysis can be printed or forwarded by email, WLAN or Bluetooth now.

About Weyermann®

The company was founded in 1879 by the whole grain salesman and ship-owner Johann Baptist Weyermann. Later on the company focused on producing specialty malts for the production of beer. Weyermann® developed various sorts of malt such as Carapils®, Carafa® or Caramunich®. Since 1888 Weyermann® produces in the architectural complex at Brennerstrasse in Bamberg. The buildings were designed and built by architect Gustav Haeberle. In 1973 the complex in Bamberg was declared as a industrial monument.

In 1902 Weyermann® started producing coloring beer made from the self-produced roasting- and coloring malts. From 1905 till the Second World War the surrogate-free and debittered black roastbeer Sinamar® (“sine amaro” = “without bitterness”) was produced at the color beer brewery Johann Baptist Weyermann in Potsdam, Germany. After the war Weyermann® moved its entire production to Bamberg and the roast-malt-beer-brewery Heinz Weyermann GmbH was founded. Sinamar® is used for coloring various kinds of beverages and groceries. Since 2007 Weyermann® also produces Sinamar® according to the organic guidelines of the European Union.

In 1998, Weyermann® has already been certified according to ISO 9001 which means that Weyermann® fulfills certain quality management system requires necessary to maintain and constantly improve the quality of ones products.

In 2001 Weyermann® took over the company Malz KG Meissner & Sohn in Hassfurt which used to produce brewing malt for Pilsner beers. In 2003, the malting company was one of the founding members and owners of the “MEG Malt Export Group”. 2005 Weyermann® started running its own brew manufacture and expanded its storage capacity for wholegrain to 15.000 tons. Furthermore Weyermann® built a logistic department with an automatically controlled sinking- and palletizing machine. Weyermann® now exists for over 135 years, its history was summarized by a historian and first distributed at the world fair trade show drinktec in 2005

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